Incorporating can be a great thing for Indiantown. My concern is that the driving force of the decisions being made should be for what is best for all of Indiantown's residents & our future and not someone's personal agenda.


Our Council, our local government body, needs to be an aide and not a hinderance for the people. Priorities need to be on efficiently providing basic public services for our residents, to focus on creating a workable realistic budget and to aide the business community by allowing for an environment to create growth for a vital economic outlook.


I'm not running against other candidates, I'm running for something. I'm running for the residents of Indiantown. We don't need a council full of yes men & women or people who will be influenced by special interests.  We need council members who know Indiantown and who are willing to stand up for it and our future.


I've been around Indiantown my whole life.  My Great Grandfather moved here in 1936 and we moved here in 1973.  I've gone to school in Indiantown and graduated from Martin County High School.  In the past 40 years I've worked in Indiantown across a wide sector and for 30 years held managerial positions.  I've worked at Warfield Elementary for the past 14 years, the 4th generation of my family to do so.  I've been involved in the community - Little League, Jaycees, 4H, and more.  The point is I live, I love and I've genuinely experienced Indiantown!  It all comes together for such a time as this, that I'm able to truly represent Indiantown's residents knowledgeably, advocate for their concerrns and desires, preserve our history and safe guard our future.  Vote Susan Gibbs Thomas for Village Council.



Next Steps...

Become involved.  Personal endorsement is the best recommendation.   Get a group of voting friends and neighbors together for a meet and greet with Susan Gibbs Thomas, the candidate.  Call me to schedule a meeting,  (772)597-5266. Encourage your friends and neighbors to vote for Susan Gibbs Thomas on March 13.