My Heritage

I've been around Indiantown my whole life. My great grandfather and grandmother, Granville & Carrie Bow, moved to Indiantown in 1936 from Tennessee, where they had been born and raised.  They took the family and went to Arkansas (with 6 of their 7 children) to sharecrop.  While trying to make a go of it in Arkansas their 18 year old daughter Lily died of scarlett fever.  When they failed at share cropping the rest of the family from Tennessee went to Arkansas to move them back.  When they moved here in 1936 they thought they had found the garden of Eden.  A person could grow almost anything just about year round! They planted citrus trees, raised chickens to sell and Grandpa went to work for Warfield Elementary as a custodian.

Our History

As time passed four of their children moved to Indiantown to be with their parents.  That included my grandparents, Floyd & Jewell (Bow) Ellis, moving here in 1960 from Ohio.  Grandpa Ellis worked at Pratt & Whitney, as did many early Indiantown residents.  Grandma went to work too, first at "the old printing press" and then at Warfield Elementary in the kitchen.  They were faithful supporters of the horse community here in Indiantown.


Through The Years

Great Grandpa Bow

Susan and her Great Grandpa Bow

Grandpa Bow loved his family

Pony Ride

Grandma Ellis (Jewell)

Me (Susan) on Stormy, Grandma & Grandpa's pony.

1968 Award

Indiantown Riding Club

Recognition of support for Grandma & Grandpa

Next Steps...

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